This site is here to let you know that we supply a wide range of products as you will see in the product section such as electrical tools for cutting, cleaning, lighting, spraying, screwing and drilling. Hand tools for plastering, screwing, cutting, lifting, clamping, painting, hammering, scraping etc.
We also stock cleaning products including mops, buckets, bowls, and cloths. Some paints including spray paints. Washing machine accessories, vacuum bags, garden equipment, kitchen utensils, scales, vases, protective and safety work wear including boots and helmets. You will also find wallpaper lining, electrical bulbs, chains and a wide range of accessories.
We are currently working on our online shopping for this site but you can purchase direct from our link site: precision electrical tools for your fascinating miniature and engineering projects. Visit us at the exhibition and fair to see and also purchase these products. You will find a list of the venues and date on the proxxon direct site. Thank you for visiting, come back soon and tell your friends about us.
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