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Are you dreaming of having a system that all relevant documents that is needed by anybody on field can have an easy access in conducting an on the spot sales or even marketing data’s in real time? The solution for that need is our MySiteMalixi Cloud Document Keeper. Any business or organization grows; managing how to keep companies documents in an accurate and organize manner that anybody in the company can easily access it anytime and anywhere is an essential job.
MySiteMalixi Cloud Document Keeper is a document storage and management system for field, office and home use. It’s internal storage system allows you to keep various electronic documents; whether it’s an image, pictures, word file (proposals, contracts, project estimates etc.) , PDF files or graphic designs in a different adobe formats; Downloadable anytime and anywhere.
Downloading existing files on your Cloud Document Keeper for printing or editing the documents and overwriting the existing files on specific folders anytime and anywhere. This also serves as your document backup that would definitely sheltered all your company documents from being lost or corrupted. In case of force majeure such as computer crash and formatting, burning, bombing, war, strike, riot, crime, or an act of God (such as hurricane, flooding, earthquake, volcanic eruption, etc) our Cloud Document Keeper will securely keep all your documents safe.
You can add text notes to individual documents to simplify the searching of your documents and all documents in your system can be conveniently preview. Get a flexible documents organization, quick create, edit and print any documents plus saving space on your computer hard drives.
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