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Tremendous benefits await you and your business when you embrace digital transformation. It requires investment on your part, but here are some among the countless benefits of a digital Warehouse and Inventory Management System:
Maximize Profits
  • You can better decide which stocks to boost, to lessen or to stop selling so you can maximize your profits.
Better Audit Trail
  • You can monitor movements of stocks: who sent, who approved and who received them.
Avoid being out of stock
  • Be notified what branch/outlet is about to run out of supplies so you can supply early on and maintain high customer satisfaction
Partners around the world can monitor
  • Save a huge amount of time in reporting because your partners anywhere around the globe can see reports anytime from their device
Managing a Warehouse business is a difficult and expensive task and it even makes it more difficult and expensive without a tool that can help you with accuracy and accountability. If you don’t have real-time knowledge of your stocks and their movement, you will have a difficult time selling them.
A Warehouse Inventory management software is a web-based ERP solution.
Using the internet as the means to transfer data, can smoothly communicate and give you real-time information of your Warehouse Inventory.
• Items Creation and Management –
  • Name an items, add details, assign conversions per stock units, select and assign to accounts. The system automatically computes and pulls data from Warehouse Inventory to show real time status of stocks quantity.
• Location Management –
  • creation of Locations, Creation of Racks per Location and creating pallets code racks, transfer and discharge stocks in different palettes. Assigning Received items on available palettes. Only available palettes will be shown to assign for new received items.
• Warehouse Inventory –
  • See the status of each items per accounts. User can see available stocks and other details pertaining to their specific items.
• Update Stocks –
  • function to update stocks received, dispatch to consignees and reserved stocks from Pick and Packed Pick list schedules.
• System Audits –
  • Warehouse Management System that’s audits Received from Suppliers, Dispatching going to Consignees, Picking and Packing Schedules in connection with Item Palettes Location and Expiration Status. Per Clients Access to View of Reports and Stocks movement monitoring.
• Location Billing –
  • An accounting system that computes billing for locations occupancy of clients items. Creation of Invoices upon location discharge. Computation of chargeable weight basing from height, with and length of items served for dispatch and delivery to consignee’s location.
Money and Time Saving
  • By automating your accounting and bookkeeping processes through Our System, you won’t need much papers, storages, and assistants that will do manual processes causing you more savings. Automation will lead to faster record-keeping, manpower efficiency, time and money saving.
Efficient Operations & Error Prevention
  • By digitizing your records and processes with Our System, you can take advantage of the maximizing the technology to achieve greater accuracy. Having this will cause you to make well-informed decisions for the business.
Software Inventory Management
  • Real-time inventory tracking
Real-Time Operation Monitoring
  • Real-Time Operation Monitoring
With the current global economic crisis, NOW becomes more important than ever to get the various processes in your organization synchronized and this can be done using the Quality System Development for your Company that would serve your companies lifetime operations for efficient and fast transaction security and management.
Benefits are:
  • Lower Operating Costs and over-all cost effectiveness
  • Faster response to customer and staff requirements
  • Reduced rework, rejects and wastage
  • Improve utilization of resources
  • Focus on customer & operation requirements
  • Better and higher quality end-products
  • International recognition of good service
  • Improved relations with customers and co-workers
  • Provides a framework for continuous improvement
  • Better Employee accountability
  • More quality conscious employees
  • Clearly defined roles, duties and responsibilities
  • Higher productivity per department or project
  • Standardized processes and activities
  • Streamlined and cost effective operations
  • Measurable activities and results
  • Lower incidence of lost documents and records
  • Standardized document formats
  • More effective records control specially for litigation
  • More legible and organized records leading to faster records retrieval
  • Improved inter-departmental communication and inter-departmental cooperation
  • Defined system for solving problems
  • Improved planning and results evaluation
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