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  • 1)Domain name search engine compatibility
  • 2)Live website browser and mobile compatibility
  • 3)Keyword analysis
  • 4)Updating the website design and content
  • 5)Competitor Analysis and updates
  • 6)Keyword Ranking
  • 7)Check search volume (popularity):
  • 8)Articles Creation
  • 9)Google analytics
  • 10)Google suggest
  • 11)SEO keyword suggestion
  • 12)Sitemap creation and maintenance
  • 13)Robot.txt creation and maintenance
  • 14)Meta tags creation and maintenance
  • 15)Social Media Management
    • a)Social media engagement
    • b)Social media Followers
    • c)Social media Video views
    • d)Social media Awareness
    • e) Social media Performance
  • 16)Website indexing
  • 17)Directory submission
  • 18)Link building maintenance and creation
  • 19)Blogging campaign maintenance and creation
  • 20)Created articles
  • 21)Posted articles
  • 22)Social media users
  • 23)Bloggers shared content
  • 24)Pay Per Click Managements : Monthly snapshots of the following
    • a.Account Report
    • b.Ad Report
    • c.Campaign Report
    • d.Display Keywords
    • e. Keyword Report
    • f.Placements Reports
    • g. Search Term Reports
    • h. Conversions
    • i.Clickst
    • j. Impressions
      • i.6 month impression trends
      • ii.Impression share of each campaign by search and display
      • iii.Top performing chosen keywords
      • iv.Transaction history or payment history for budget review
    • k. Cost
    • l. Cost per click
    • m. Average click through rates
      • i.Clicks by device
      • ii.Clicks by ad type
      • iii.Clicks by network type

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