At TheraTime, we assure that your minutes of allowing your child to be handled by our professional staff will be fun-filled and maximized to effect results. TheraTime Learning Center believes that each child with special needs deserve only quality "therapy time".

We are assuring quality minutes stretched for activities, simulations, and occupations which would train your child to live optimally and functionally. TheraTime Learning Center will be your partner in strengthening your child's capabilities and will be your aid in providing solutions to the troubles that they might be experiencing. We provide occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and special education services which would pay close attention to the unique contexts of your child. We tailor-fit our services to your child's special demands. We only provide the best seconds of remediation, great minutes of compensation, and lifelong caring and solutions. This will be the best of your child's "therapy time"... your child's TheraTime...


Facilities and Features

We in TheraTime Learning Center believe that the very environment where occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and special education services are provided should be therapeutic and in itself should be facilitating optimal performance. We see to it that the learning center has a fun and playful vibe to it to ensure that your child will be learning and enjoying at the same time. We let go of the formal connotation of "therapy" and just stick with the premise of playing. We have equipment inside the center which would satisfy the sensory needs of your child in the context of meaningful and productive play activities to be mapped out by our professional staff members. We have a wide array of toys, board games, flash cards, books, and ADL simulations which would promote holistic growth of your child in all areas of occupation. Sessions can be individual, dyad, or in group depending on the recommendations of the referring physician. We assure nothing but the best and safe equipment and tools during your child's TheraTime...