Social Networking Just a Text Message Away
Waking up early in the morning, you find that you have 2 unread text messages on your phone. One coming from an unknown number, and the other from your known friend. Which one will you read first? Common sense dictates that you are most likely choose the one coming from your friend.
One of the main reasons why text messages coming from an unknown source is either instantly deleted, or read some other time is because you do not know where it came from. Here is a second scenario; two messages arrived on your phone. Both of them are unknown, but one of them has a name over it instead of a number. Example: one has +63919… and the other has a specific name. Which one will you read first? Still, a bit of common sense tells that you are most likely to read the message that has a specific name over it.
Alright, I believe it is time to take advantage of this predicament. What if you are a businessman trying to market something? You chose SMS as your marketing tool. What would you like your recipient to see on their mobile phones the minute they receive your message? A phone number or a name? A message coming from +63921…or your company name? Common sense still going to dictate that having your company name over it instead of a phone number is a smarter move. This method being use is called masking. It’s when an unknown recipient’s number is “masked” enabling a receiver to see a “readable name” instead of just plain old numbers. For example if the sender is not in your phonebook, you will receive numbers like these: example+639218810167, but if you received a masked number you will see an example like this: Malixi Marketing. Masked numbers are helpful in making your recipient read your entire message as well as making your message look like it came from a reliable sender. This type of marketing can be a major help in getting more business.
SMS Broadcasting is one of many ways to advertise your company, and it is also one of the less expensive. You just need to make sure your mobile phone is able to handle volumes and volumes of replies, or you might always end-up with a full inbox. Be careful though, there are Rules and Regulations that govern this medium in most cases your service provider will explain and shoulder some of the consequences if the rules are violated. So, instead of handling dozens and dozens of brochures, why not send a SMS instead? It is easy, convenient and environment friendly. Imagine how many trees you are going to save by doing this, and how many tons of trash you are going to prevent from going to the landfills. If your dream is to become successful, doing this method of marketing makes it possible. Success is only a text message away.
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