Social Networking To Write or to Copywrite
Is Copywriting the same with Writing? Almost all of us think that they are one of the same but unfortunately that is not the case. Although they both tackle the same subject, copywriting and writing are two very different disciplines. Let's put it this way, writing is meant to inform. Oftentimes they are lengthy, and cover as much information as possible. Articles in newspapers and magazines are such examples. Copywriting is meant to create or persuade an action. These are articles especially crafted to unconsciously force the reader to do something. Articles in company websites, brochures, flyers and other forms of advertisements are a perfect example of this.
In the advertising industry, it is a fact that the words used to introduce a product are as important as the artwork itself. The words chosen, no matter how few, are written in such a way to make a lasting impression on the reader which in turn creates an action. In other words, copywriting does not confine itself in creating lengthy articles. They can be as simple as a three-worded phrase. If you are thinking that they are just carelessly written without any thought, you are dead wrong. Every single word written has been viewed with by people with critical eyes, and thinking before being finalized.
Every single word counts, which is the main idea of copywriting. In fact, even the dots and dash add their own slice of attention. Did you know that putting a little comma in a middle of a sentence can change the whole thought by 180 degrees? Or choosing a period rather than an exclamation point is as important as the whole sentence itself? Did you know by using a close and open parenthesis, you can change the difference between engaging and boring. Aside from that, you must also have a great deal of knowledge about demographics, culture and other forms of discipline concerning the people living in that particular place. Why? The needs and wants of every individual are unique. With that being said, advertising companies spend a considerable amount of time and money conducting surveys and studying the community they are trying to reach.
A Copywriter has his or her own share of challenges. Every path taken has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Every technique has its own pros and cons. Complicated? Yes it is, but this one boils into one single predicament what does it takes to make them do this? Are you still thinking of doing things your way as far as worded advertisement goes? If you read this article hard enough, you will realize that just slamming a few set of words into your ad is the same as committing suicide. Let the professionals do it for you. That way it eliminates the risks. At the end of this winding road, you will find yourself at the top of a mountain instead of standing on a cliff.
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